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Artist Profile: Joan Gallagher

I was able to do an account takeover for a whole weekend, and subsequently found many new Instagram followers.

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Get Some Press

Want some publicity for your small creative business? Use these tips to reach out and get noticed.     Reporters and editors are always looking for newsworthy stories to write articles for their publications and blogs – and artists are newsworthy! Do you need your share of press coverage to jump start your marketing this […]

Upcoming Arts Business Workshop in Barbados

Arts Business Institute Founder Wendy Rosen and Executive Director Carolyn Edlund will present an intensive program titled “Getting Visual Arts & Craft Market Ready”on Saturday, May 7th and Sunday, May 8th.

How Many Ways Can You Sell Your Art?

Artists can combine methods of selling to create different income streams that complement each other, thus smoothing over hills and valleys in revenue that can happen with only one method of earning.

Insurance for Artists: Protection from Loss and Lawsuits

Insurance—and multiple types—is critical for all small businesses.

The Trust Factor

It’s a fact that presenting your work in a professional manner goes a long way to develop a comfort level for the customer that may lead to a sale.