Artist Profile: Suzanne Connors

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Today’s fashion movement is fast and disposable. Shibori is slow. It takes time. It takes planning and it is carrying on tradition.

Tips for Taking Art Commissions

You may sell your artwork retail, wholesale, or on consignment, but chances are that at some point you will get a request to work on a commission. Here’s how to make it a painless process.     Art commissions can be a lucrative income stream, or may even be your primary source of revenue. If […]

Is Your Booth Display Good Enough?

Shopping in a show booth

Before you leave for the show, set your booth up first and take a look.

Artist Profile: Sharon Gellerman

Color Vibe Scarf

I immediately fell in love with the entire process, for me it is very meditative and expressive.

What Your Customer Wants

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It’s only human nature that people have their own interests at heart, and they want what suits them.

Studio Inspiration

Painter Christine Auda in her Studio

Artists create in many different ways. We took a look inside the studios of some artists who share their inspiration and their work in progress.

Artist Profile: Demetra Turner

Demetra Collage

Many people are drawn to my mixed media art because of the color and texture, but upon taking a closer look they discover there is much more to see.

Improve Your Sales Skills at Retail Fairs

Craft Fair

To be a good salesperson of your art, you need to be able to speak about it. Your work is a visual presentation, and you deliver the spoken one.

Build Your Business by Building Your Network

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One part of networking is helping others; the other part is receiving their assistance

Artist Profile: Danielle Howarth

Dani Bag Collection

Having great pictures is the key to having good sales online.