Improve Your Sales Skills at Retail Fairs

Craft Fair

To be a good salesperson of your art, you need to be able to speak about it. Your work is a visual presentation, and you deliver the spoken one.

Build Your Business by Building Your Network

workshop meeting cropped

One part of networking is helping others; the other part is receiving their assistance

Artist Profile: Danielle Howarth

Dani Bag Collection

Having great pictures is the key to having good sales online.

How Important is “Made in America?”

Made in American Store, Buffalo, New York

The term ‘Made in America’ translates to ‘quality’,” says Andol. “This is a label respected around the world.

Use Groupings and Series to Sell Your Art

Tic-Tac-Toe by artist Garry McMichaels

Working in a series can make your art more versatile, and more saleable. Let’s take a closer look.

Artist Profile: Kate Ford

Kate Ford Batik Artwork

The process of batik is an ancient one. The use of beeswax as a resist and dyes for colors was used as far back as ancient Egypt, used on mummies.

Niche Markets in the New Economy

Trade shows, conventions and other opportunities exist for specialty items that appeal to the core audience for these markets.

Use QR Codes to Share Your Art


You’re familiar with these quirky codes, which are like barcodes with super powers. They direct people to any web page you want to share.

Artist Profile: Christine Karron


At the moment I am working on my 4th children’s book, and I hope there will be many more.

Choose Your Customer

Bracelet shopping

It’s your job to produce not only a well-made product, but use your pricing, presentation and marketing message to create a “perceived value” for the customer – the customer that you choose.