Artist Profile: Judi Tavill

Judi Tavill ceramics

Ultimately, the collector, along with their knowledge and love of the art, becomes a spoke on a wheel that reaches out to potential collectors in the greater world.

How to Build Your Best Portfolio

ABI artist collage

Sometimes, artists pull a selection from their portfolio in order to show the breadth of their work, but end up with a jumbled collection that really doesn’t pull together. Don’t make that mistake.

Spread Your Price Points

Gallery shop (2)

You may also want to sell work that is more expensive or less expensive to pull in other customers who could be interested in your work.

Artist Profile: Marsha Dingeldein


Everyone had a favorite blanket at one time or another and the fabric is a tactile reminder of that emotional security.

Organize Your Art Business with these Smart Tools


Whether you have a production studio or make one-of-a-kind art, use these convenient sites and apps to organize your business, saving time and hassle.

Are You Ready to Start Marketing?

Selling Wholesale

Do you aspire to sell your art? Take note of these preliminaries before you enter the marketplace.

Artist Profile: Rhoda Powers

Handmade Glass detail

I have been taking steps to learn how to enter and navigate the public art realm.

Shipping to Retailers? Put These in the Box

Small Store Interior cropped

Don’t forget to include these extras to help your retailers sell, and become more valuable in their eyes.

Shipping to Customers? Put These in the Box

shipping boxes

Make impact with the packages you ship by wowing your customers with some fabulous extras.

Artist Profile: Avesha DeWolfe


Handbuilding allows so many more intuitive options for texture, volume, and creativity, and it has forced me to look at a pot in a whole new way.