Should Artists Use LinkedIn?


If you agree that it’s often who you know that can bring results to your business, then this is the place to be.

10 Ways to Sell Your Art or Craft Work

selling a customer

Artists and craftspeople starting or building a business have lots of options, and ways to create multiple streams of income.

Artist Profile: Artoons


I believe art can and should be a part of everyday living. More than half of the line has

A Museum, Art School & Community

Art Class

The Montclair Art Museum in Montclair, New Jersey brings new dimensions into their interactions with artists and the community.

Helping Artists & Creatives Start Businesses

Startup incubator

Besides helping our member artists develop business and marketing plans, our board of directors serve as mentors and advisors based on member need.

Artist Profile: Tim Carlburg

Assortment of Growlers by Tim Carlburg

When I first began making growlers in 2008, there was only one other potter in the country (that I know of) that was creating anything similar.

Making the Difference

Collage 200

The Arts Business Institute focuses on teaching workshop courses and providing mentoring on these topics and more.

Naples, Florida: A Destination for Arts and Artists

Random Acts of Art Gallery

Today, support for the arts is stronger than ever for the 61 arts and cultural organizations that make Naples such a draw for tourist and great place to live.

Artist Profile: Claudia True

Claudia True Calendars

My early art was primarily funky landscapes and florals – now I’m doing a lot of “critter” and food art to illustrate recipes.

Should Art Schools Teach Business?

brushes and pencils

Basic business courses during undergraduate years can help students choose wisely when selecting the studio courses they will take.