10 Traits of Successful Creative Entrepreneurs

They have a compulsion to create which goes beyond simply an interest, and may feel that making their work is essential to their life.

Artist Profile: Anitra Frazier

Music is a driving force for me because I have vivid memories as a child, of sitting around the record/stereo console on Saturdays while my parents played DJ all day.

Building a Handmade Business with Limited Time

Make sure that every day is planned in advance, and that each hour devoted to your business has a specific purpose.

Checklist for Professional Presentation

Review our checklist to see what is in already in place in your own small business, and what steps you need to take to improve your presentation.

Artist Profile: Susan Bartlett Rice

I truly love where I live and by painting life around me, New England is intrinsic in all my work.

Hobbyists and Mass Producers Don’t Matter (unless you let them)

When you stop being concerned about what everyone else is doing, you can focus your energy on your highest priorities.

Fiber Art Celebration

These four artists present their work, and talk about their approach to being a fiber artist.

Artist Profile: Allan Weitz

After decades of predominantly shooting color, most all of my current imagery is captured in monochrome.

Ask the Expert: How Do I Get It All Done?

If you are constantly struggling to “get it all done,” there are probably some critical core activities you need to incorporate into your business.

Selling Art on Greeting Cards

We spoke with three artists who design greeting card lines to sell their creative work. Each shares her concept and experience.