Artist Profile: Erin Bassett

Using the technique of Shibori, I manipulate yards of silk fabric into intricate forms of varying sizes by securing the fabric around metal and glass objects.

Why Choose Wholesaling as a Business Model?

Artists who wholesale their handmade work to retailers are entering a marketplace that helps sustain their businesses in the long term.

Should Art be Priced on Your Website?

We recommend that artists strongly consider having a shopping cart on their website too, if it is appropriate for their work.

Artist Profile: Shelley Crawford

I feel most ‘at home’ with my paint brushes, primarily working in acrylics and mixed media or oils.

Saratoga Springs Art Business Workshop Announced

This event will present eight business topics for artists, as well as a discussion panel and personalized business consultations.

How to Get Unstuck in Your Art Business

This system helps you break down tasks, and find where you are “stuck” in the flow.

Artist Profile: Helen Kagan

I believe that art heals. I believe in interconnectedness of physical, mental, and spiritual.

Use this Directory to Sell Your Art Online

Check out the largest directory on the internet for selling online by visiting

Advice from a Successful Production Artist

Matt keeps a production calendar. He knows his monthly production capability, and schedules orders so that he has time to make and ship them on time.

Artist Profile: Jen Ferry

I’ve experimented with different textures in my mixed media work including spackling paste, glue, and raffia.