Artist Profile: Q3 Art

Commission work allows me to create within the framework of others imaginations and needs. It is a chance to offer the monumental as essentially a difference in perspective.

Artist Profile: Laurie Pollpeter Eskenazi

I did not want any outside influence on my creativity. I think that is why I have been able to create a style that is truly unique and recognizable as my own.

Artist Profile: Pamela Whitlock

My designs are complex weave structures called shadow weave that look very difficult to make but after weaving for over forty years are actually pretty simple to do.

Artist Profile: Gatski Metal

Our work is well suited for restaurants; it makes a big impact and its fun. Metal is also an ideal material for restaurants, it wears very well and can give a space beautiful structure.

Artist Profile: Hudson Beach Glass

The Hudson Beach Glass studio business was founded in 1984. Fortunately, they also opened their own gallery in 2003, located in an old firehouse on Main Street which they purchased at auction

Artist Profile: Maryellen Kim

There are many girls who crochet, and many girls who make jewelry but I combine the two by crocheting or macrameing my necklaces and bracelets.

Artist Profile: Liz Walberg and Cari Luchau

Liz is known for her stylistic wall collage art and metal wall art, and we carry several of her wall pieces. As a whole, we focus on pottery, jewelry, metal art and gifts suitable for weddings, showers and hostess gifts.

Artist Profile: Daria Salus

My work has become more and more cohesive over the years, as I have focused more on concrete images, and integrated enamel and silver to depict those images.

Artist Profile: Bill Tabar

These pictures contain different types of sand which flow into ever-changing landscapes. They may appear as mountains, glaciers, lakes or deserts. Every sand picture is unique.

Artist Profile: Julie Sinden

My goal with the hats has always been to create a unique and functional handmade product, but one that was also affordable.