Artist Profile: Rozlyn de Bussey

I was initially traditionally trained in Architectural Glass using a pencil, fine line pens and graph paper.

Artist Profile: Laura Goff

Inspiration for a new, unique genre of stained glass windows came from an unlikely source: a motorcycle dealer that I drove past eac

Artist Profile: Muffy Clark Gill

I create my paintings using the ancient wax and dye resist process known as batik.

Artist Profile: Claudia Lynch

I try to have something at every price point to make ShoeStories prints, cards books and coloring books an affordable gift choice and impulse purchase.

Artist Profile: Arthur Jacob

Creative photography comes into play when a photographic artist begins to use techniques that either change the image completely, or the image remains discernable with changes in colors, backgrounds, etc.

Artist Profile: Dawn Teasdale

A walk in the woods, down a beach, or even a city street can be the inspiration for a whole new series of work.

Artist Profile: Carlynne Hershberger

I first used gold leaf when I was exploring extreme textures and elements.

Artist Profile: Rhinodillo Designs

Overall, this year has been the best yet, and we have plans to expand even further in the coming year.

Artist Profile: Susan Beere

I do a lot of smaller works too, but the large expanse of a mural-sized work gives me the freedom to explore ambience, create atmosphere and tell a story.

Artist Profile: Jay Hollis

Our puzzles are sold through our website and at prestigious craft shows throughout the country.