Artist Profile: Jay Hollis

Our puzzles are sold through our website and at prestigious craft shows throughout the country.

Artist Profile: Donna Lashof

Although I still use wheel-throwing and hand-building, making molds and slip-casting allows me to better explore the varied forms that I enjoy making.

Artist Profile: Laura Bundesen

I also want to explore more deeply issues around illness in the brain, whether physical or mental.

Artist Profile: Karen Colangelo

I have always had a constant desire to create bold works that stray from conventional application methods.

Artist Profile: Janna Willoughby-Lohr

My products range from wedding invitations and guest books, to custom journals and sketchbooks, to intricate artist’s books and gallery works.

Artist Profile: Anitra Frazier

Music is a driving force for me because I have vivid memories as a child, of sitting around the record/stereo console on Saturdays while my parents played DJ all day.

Artist Profile: Susan Bartlett Rice

I truly love where I live and by painting life around me, New England is intrinsic in all my work.

Artist Profile: Allan Weitz

After decades of predominantly shooting color, most all of my current imagery is captured in monochrome.

Artist Profile: Sharon Brender

However, it wasn’t until a friend invited me to show my work at an art show that I realized I could possibly be successful at this medium.

Artist Profile: Patti Bradeis

Through my work I hope you receive a glimmer of hope, a spark of humor, a wisp of encouragement or an inspired breath of perseverance to add to your day.