Artist Profile: Dawn Teasdale

A walk in the woods, down a beach, or even a city street can be the inspiration for a whole new series of work.

Choose Your Collection Carefully

The strongest collections are built upon a solid concept with related pieces that make sense and work together well.

Managing an Artist’s Legacy

This type of proactive approach toward managing a legacy simplifies collecting, and shares information from a trusted source.

Artist Profile: Carlynne Hershberger

I first used gold leaf when I was exploring extreme textures and elements.

Apply to the 2017 NICHE Awards

Are you a student or a professional craft artist interested in receiving recognition for your excellent work?

How to Deal with Comparison Shoppers

If they search for matching merchandise on your website or another website on their mobile device, it can influence whether or not they make an in-store purchase.

Artist Profile: Rhinodillo Designs

Overall, this year has been the best yet, and we have plans to expand even further in the coming year.

Massachusetts Art Business Workshop Announced

Artists and makers who want to learn how to more effectively price, market and sell their creative work will benefit from our one-day Sales Intensive workshop.

Use the Right Images for Your Art Marketing

Have you ever watched a photograph on a website load slowly, in tiny increments?

Artist Profile: Susan Beere

I do a lot of smaller works too, but the large expanse of a mural-sized work gives me the freedom to explore ambience, create atmosphere and tell a story.