DIY Wholesaling – Part Three

Campbell Pottery Gallery

Those existing wholesale customers will need new designs and products from you regularly, because their own retail customers love to see and buy new things.

DIY Wholesaling – Part Two

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Before your meeting, you should be very clear on what you will negotiate, and what the bottom line is for you.

Artist Profile: Robert Haldeman

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As for the people who buy my artwork, they are mostly fans and just want to have it to remember a moment of their past.

DIY Wholesaling – Part One

Random Acts of Art Gallery

If your handmade work has appeal and is priced correctly to be profitable at wholesale cost, you can start to market and sell your line to retailers in your local area.

Full Time Artist

Artist Caroly Van Duyn

Fascinating crossroads have transformed my world with an influx of empowering choices so that my original dreams can flourish.

Artist Profile: Walter Wogee

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Making a very great chair that is also comfortable is probably the hardest task for a craftsman.

Is Your Art Business taking a Detour?


Have you been pulled in different directions, and gotten completely off track? Use these suggestions to help keep yourself focused.

How Do You Define Success?

Is Success About Making a Sale?

What do you ultimately want to do as an artist? What does that look like, on an everyday basis?

Artist Profile: Sheila Fein

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My original portrait series was created in the 80’s at a family reunion at the Mandalay Beach Resort in Oxnard.

New Opportunity to Wholesale Handmade in Dallas

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Artists who wholesale their collections have a new market opportunity as the American Made Show offers space in a new section of the Dallas Gift Market for handmade work.