Artist Profile: Barbara Klar


Somehow when a celebrity endorses an artist, the work becomes more legitimate.

Handmade Jewelry Collections

Kathleen O'Brien Jewelry Collage

ABI invited some artist friends to put together a collection of their jewelry, showing their signature style and inspiration.

New Study of Art Business Training Providers

Students at an Arts Business Institute workshop

Most organizations that work with artists to develop business skills cater to a local audience.

Artist Profile: Jude Valentine

Scarfscape by Jude Valentine

I then started thinking about the landscapes as inspiration for fabric to make my work more accessible.

How Art Helps Communities

Randy Cohen (2)

Randy Cohen from Americans for the Arts talks about the benefits communities receives from art events.

Artist Profile: John McCoy

John McCoy potter - greenware

I have a classical approach to clay and when I combine and alter forms my goal is to make contemporary pieces with a sense of history.

Is Online Commerce Helping or Hurting You?

Hands on Keyboard

Managing how your work is sold online is an important consideration for any artist.

Why Pre-Show Marketing Matters

Trade Show

Contact your existing accounts and hot prospects through email, social media, direct mail and by phone to grab their attention.

Artist Profile: Eric Celarier

Wasteland Texture Banner 713_350

I sew electronic garbage into tapestries that describe the history, variety and surplus of these units.

How an Artist Grew Her Business

Artist Anne Hempel

I know myself well enough to know that there will be times when I’m uninspired and don’t feel like painting