3 Steps to Turn Jealousy Into Motivation

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How can you flip the negative mindset of jealousy into something positive and motivating?

Artist Profile: A Few Good Bananas


We are not afraid to experiment and incorporate all sorts of fibers and textures into our designs.

Gallery Relationships 101

OA Gallery in St. Louis

Staying in touch with your galleries gives you important feedback that can help your marketing, and can lead to more opportunities such as commissions.

Is Your Work Collectible?

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The very nature of having collectible art means that you will have repeat buyers

Artist Profile: Laura Shnitzer

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I’m at a point where I need to take the next step to grow my business and get my work out there. My focus is on increasing my sales and expanding both my retail and wholesale business.

10 Reasons to Diversify Your Creative Product Line

Photo Credit: KeithMasonPhotography (a.k.a. Scooter.john) via Compfight cc

Artists who sell their creative products to wholesale buyers are often internally torn between two seemingly opposing forces.

Are Your Prices Too Low?


If you aren’t covering your bases, you are either losing money or have no room to grow.

Artist Profile: Sherri Coffey


I still love to weave rugs, but have changed my weaving to make pieces that are more suitable for the wall.

What is the Value of a New Account?

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Some accounts are clearly more valuable than others, and it can make a difference where they come from.

Want Some Press? Avoid These 8 Mistakes

Writing on Computer

Sometimes, publications solicit submissions from artists who want press exposure. Make sure you read the instructions, and follow them.