Credit Card Etiquette for Wholesalers

Paying wholesale invoices by credit card is very popular. As the vendor, you get paid right away, and don’t have to worry about collections.

Keys to a Successful Wholesale Website

Want to wholesale your handmade collection? Then you must have a website to promote it.

Artist Profile: Allan Teger

I believe that the work has been successful because it is not about nudes – it is about perception and reality.

How to Offer Coupons for your Art or Handmade Work

There are several types of coupon offers to choose from. Will any of these work well with your small business?

How to Make Shipping Costs Painless

56% of shopping cart abandonment is caused by shoppers who are faced with higher-than-expected shipping expense.

Artist Profile: Chynna Brown

I would love to get into the licensing side of the business and I am currently working on building up my portfolio so that I could possibly attend and show my work at a trade show in the near future.

From the Heart: A Workshop Grad Gets Results

An ABI workshop graduate shares what she gained from the experience and how she took her business selling Christian art to the next level.     My name is Deb Minnard.  I attended the Washington, DC workshop in January. You may remember me as the one who digitally painted Jesus. When I scheduled your workshop I […]

See and Be Seen

As frustrating as it may seem, making art or handmade work is only half of the equation. You simply cannot “make it and they will come.”

Artist Profile: Gail Christofferson

Gail Christofferson creates amazing art mosaics on guitars, as well as designing murals which touch many other lives. Here is her story.     ABI:  Tell us how you developed your mosaics on guitars concept and how you gained national acclaim. GC:  I have been creating mosaics on a variety of substrates for many years, […]

Want to Show or Sell? Know the “Why”

What makes your work so compelling? Why do customers just have to have what you create? It isn’t enough to want it to be so.