Artist Profile: Patti Bradeis

Through my work I hope you receive a glimmer of hope, a spark of humor, a wisp of encouragement or an inspired breath of perseverance to add to your day.

Is your Fine Art Under or Over-Priced?

It’s important to get started with base prices for your work which are in the correct range.

Embrace Fear to Grow Your Art Business

One basic fear involves getting out in front of people to show your work and talk about what you do.

Artist Profile: Natalie Sakurai

I’m fascinated by the ability of social media to connect us and isolate us at the same time.

Pros & Cons of Selling on Third Party Websites

Many times artists feel that although they have started out displaying their work on a third-party site, they have outgrown it.

Develop a Vision for Your Art Business

Ultimately, the vision that you have for yourself as an artist should reflect what truly makes you happy.

Artist Profile: Margot Waller Madgett

I love seeing my work bring previously empty walls to life in sometimes unexpected ways, whether hanging above someone’s sofa or mantel or in a contemporary hotel lobby.

Is Wholesaling Right for You?

If you are prepared to design a collection, and make work in multiples to fill orders, wholesale could be a good fit.

How Art is Changing Lives in a Small African Village

Guest blogger Tim Barnes tells the story of how a simple backpacking trip led to an amazing relationship that paired two unlikely partners in growing an art business and helping a village.

Artist Profile: Laura Burch

I base my artwork on the dry-felting, textile technique of needle felting.