Tips for Testimonials

Marketing for Artists & Craftspeople

Getting a testimonial from someone who is a member of your target audience is best, so that others can relate to them.

Artist Profile: Amy Frank

Blessing Bands

With a smart concept and a lot of hard work, Amy Frank of Mindfully Made Studios has built a solid handmade business. Here’s how she did it.     ABI:  How did you develop the original concept for your collection? AF:  I’ve been sewing and selling work for some time, but Mindfully Made Studios was […]

Art & Craft Fair Fails

City Craft Fair

If you’ve been in “show business” long enough, you’ve had some oh-so-dreadful experiences that you may want to forget.

New Handmade Business Course Announced

How to Launch a Successful Handmade Business

ABI, in partnership with F+W Publications, announces an upcoming e-course “How to Launch a Successful Handmade Business” to begin September 1, 2015 at Craft Online University.

Artist Profile: Cyndee Starr

Artwork by Cyndee Starr

If I’m doodling a photo, I also use a Micron pen and go over the photo to highlight the shape, size and color definitions.

Know Your Target Market

Glass Artist Exhibiting at a Show

When you truly care about and are committed to the niche you are approaching, you understand and “click” with the people there.

Connect with Your Customer

Artist Lisa Jaworski displays her work

Shoppers are interested in themselves most of all, so you will need to speak about your work as it relates to them.

Artist Profile: Tracey McCracken Palmer

Felted Landscape by Tracey McCracken Palmer

I look forward to showing my work in more galleries, and plan to keep creating, always learning and pushing the boundaries of what I can create.

How did You get Your Start as an Artist?


Every artist has their own journey, experiences, mentors and mistakes made along the way.

How an Artist Embraced Her Business Side

Pelati Jewelry Collection

She understands the value of these customers because of the great potential of repeat orders and long-term potential of lasting business relationships.