Who Is Your Customer?

Be observant, and ask questions of prospective customers you are meeting face-to-face.

Ohio Art Business Workshop Announced

Fine artists as well as craft artists will find this two day event filled with information to grow their small businesses.

Artist Profile: Jay Hollis

Our puzzles are sold through our website and at prestigious craft shows throughout the country.

Make Your Studio More Efficient

Rather than trying to do everything yourself, it makes good financial sense to hand over some of the work to others.

Fast Start Marketing for Artists & Makers

Fast Start Marketing for Artists & Makers is a new four-week online course that presents materials appropriate for fine artists and craft artists who are serious about selling their work.

Artist Profile: Donna Lashof

Although I still use wheel-throwing and hand-building, making molds and slip-casting allows me to better explore the varied forms that I enjoy making.

Business Workshop Weekend in Maine

The Arts Business Institute will be presenting two workshops in Maine on October 22 and 23, 2016 with cutting-edge business information for artists.

6 Tips for Artists & Makers Who Want More Publicity

Make it easy for your network partners to spread the word for you

Artist Profile: Laura Bundesen

I also want to explore more deeply issues around illness in the brain, whether physical or mental.

Provide Solutions for Your Customers

Consider your target customer carefully to identify how they think, and what they perceive to be a problem or a need.