You Control Your Art Business

Closing a Wholesale Customer

In our workshops, artists sometimes ask “Do I have to offer everything I make at wholesale?” The answer is a resounding “No.”

ABI Winter Workshop Announced

ABI Workshop students in a two-day intensive

Artists interested in entering the national marketplace for handmade goods will benefit from the presentations, as well as fine artists who want to learn more about marketing and selling their artwork.

Artist Profile: Stephanie Blythe

Feature Image

Doll making and collecting began to become a business and soon our work sold at doll and ACC shows and was carried by over 100 shops and galleries around the world.

Too Busy? When to Delegate

Help Wanted

Does the thought of spending that amount of your work time outside of the studio feel overwhelming?

Craft Studio becomes Big Business

Campbell Pottery Gallery

Much of Campbell Pottery’s production work uses a stunning blue glaze which Bill developed years ago, and has become a hallmark of their brand.

Artist Profile: Velorossa Design

Velorossa Design

As Velorossa Design grows, we will work towards developing a larger catalog of items so that we can work for more commercial opportunities.

12 Great Blog Topics for Artists

Pastels and pastel art background

People love to find out more about artists, and how they create.

Sales Aids for Trade Shows

Video in trade show booth

All of these materials can assist you in bring your work to the attention of buyers and giving them information about yourself and your l

Artist Profile: Karen A. Johnson

Cicada Necklace

Each piece of jewelry is designed to bring out what most inspired me to sculpt it in the first place.

Should Artists Use LinkedIn?


If you agree that it’s often who you know that can bring results to your business, then this is the place to be.