Tips for Branding Your Art Business

This is an excerpt from the popular e-course “Guide to Marketing for Artists & Craftspeople” which is available from The Arts Business Institute. Find it here.     Establishing a brand visually means using a consistent, recognizable look in all materials and communications. Your body of work has a recognizable style. So does your business. […]

What’s Your Artist Myth?

Do you want a piece of the multi-billion dollar market in art and handmade goods? Stake your claim.

Artist Profile: Yenny Cocq

I especially saw an increase online for my small sculptures. This shifted my focus and I created a new business model and artist identity.

Smart Strategy: In Situ Photos

Photos that show your work in situ also share the scale and impact of the art.

Strengthening Artists and Local Communities

In 2009, the Maine Crafts Association began to honor individual Maine craft artists each year by awarding Master Crafts Artist recognition for a body of work that is exceptional

How to Start an Email Marketing Program

Your list is permission-based, meaning that others agree to receive updates from you about your work.

What’s the Most Effective Art Marketing Method?

The proven way to communicate over time most effectively is through sending email.

Keep Your Marketing Machine Going

There are naturally slow periods for all businesses, when you know that sales are rarely made.

Telling Your Artist Story – Part Two

What is really compelling about what you do? Gauge the response and see what leads to further interest in your work.

Know Your Target Market

When you truly care about and are committed to the niche you are approaching, you understand and “click” with the people there.