Sell More Work through Word of Mouth


Studies show that customers trust word of mouth recommendations far more than advertisements.

Art + Business: Get the opportunities you want! Share Your Unique Story


Having a clear, unique story that you feel confident telling is the first step in getting your work out there and known!

Mixed Media Art Magazine Offer for ABI Readers

Artist Collage

As a special offer for readers of The Arts Business Institute blog, the editor of Mixed Media Art Magazine has 97 free annual subscriptions available, and you are invited to receive one of them.

How to Keep Your Sales Steady

Making a Sale

It takes between 7 – 10 “touches” for people to remember you. You have to make contact to make sales.

Why Wholesaling Works

Yes, it's true! Some artists are just crazy about selling wholesale.

Wholesaling works because it is based on repeat business. This is the engine that builds your business, and that leverages your time.

Artist as Salesperson

Making a Sale

Face-to-face selling get the most honest feedback.

Trade Show Strategies: Pre-Show Marketing

Trade Show

Are you exhibiting at trade shows this year? Boost your opportunities and sales with these marketing strategies that reach out in advance of the event:

10 Ways to Make Your Booth Trade Show Ready

Willi Nilli booth

Give some breathing space to your art so that booth visitors can see it clearly, without too much distraction.

Are Minimum Orders Important?

Placing a wholesale order

Should artists and craftspeople set a required minimum opening order for wholesale customers? We say “Yes” and here’s why:

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Marketing for Artists & Craftspeople

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