Niche Markets in the New Economy

Trade shows, conventions and other opportunities exist for specialty items that appeal to the core audience for these markets.

Use QR Codes to Share Your Art

You’re familiar with these quirky codes, which are like barcodes with super powers. They direct people to any web page you want to share.

Want Some Press? Avoid These 8 Mistakes

Sometimes, publications solicit submissions from artists who want press exposure. Make sure you read the instructions, and follow them.

Four Words That Make Us Cringe

Have you ever gotten an inquiry about a commission, or met someone at a retail show who is interested in a particular piece of art, but you never followed up with them?

Artist Profile: Barbara Klar

Somehow when a celebrity endorses an artist, the work becomes more legitimate.

Why Pre-Show Marketing Matters

Contact your existing accounts and hot prospects through email, social media, direct mail and by phone to grab their attention.

Your Holiday Marketing Checklist

Reach out every day to your customer base and make it easy for people to see your art, and buy your art.

Does Discounting Hurt Your Art Business?

Artists don’t always have confidence in the prices they have set, or are afraid that sales will be lacking, and so they are willing to reduce them, believing it will increase interest from buyers.

Sell More Work through Word of Mouth

Studies show that customers trust word of mouth recommendations far more than advertisements.

Art + Business: Get the opportunities you want! Share Your Unique Story

Having a clear, unique story that you feel confident telling is the first step in getting your work out there and known!