5 Ways to Improve Your Art Website About Page

The About page is one of the most visited pages on any art website. Is yours doing the best job possible to represent you?

Tips from a Pro to Photograph Your Own Art

Here are some DIY tips to help you come up with beautiful images of your art.

8 Ways to Share Your Art with Subscribers

Most of your email content should not be trying to make a sale, but should focus on making a connection with people who are interested.

8 Ways to Build Credibility into Your Art Website

Your art website is your headquarters on the internet, open to a global audience.

Should Art be Priced on Your Website?

We recommend that artists strongly consider having a shopping cart on their website too, if it is appropriate for their work.

8 Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List

Your email list is permission-based, meaning that people agree to allow you to contact them about your art or handmade work.

Most Popular Business Articles of 2015

These five articles published by The Arts Business Institute in 2015 got the most readership and shares.

Pre-Show Marketing Tips

Even if you are not a new exhibitor at the trade show event, you can get on a buyer’s “hot list” by promoting your work ahead of time and inviting show goers to visit your booth.

Taking Artist Promotion to the Next Level

Currently, plans are in place for Colour In Your Life to film six artists in California, but the crew will be back in the United States next year to do mor

Tips for Branding Your Art Business

This is an excerpt from the popular e-course “Guide to Marketing for Artists & Craftspeople” which is available from The Arts Business Institute. Find it here.     Establishing a brand visually means using a consistent, recognizable look in all materials and communications. Your body of work has a recognizable style. So does your business. […]